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Casablanca Coast

Inspired by the colors, architecture and textures in the coastal cities of Morocco, patterns engineered on pattern piece using Adobe Photoshop inkjet printed on five momme habotai silk.

Merlot & Blackberries

Introducing the Merlot + Blackberries Boho Shoulder Market Bag, a versatile accessory suitable for various occasions, whether it's a grocery run, gym session, or a quick grab on your way to brunch. The target audience spans from environmentally conscious college students embarking on independent shopping to the eco-conscious "Market Moms." This bag caters to consumers interested in sustainability, offering a durable and versatile knit piece designed to endure.

Explore Edge

Collaborating with my partner, Kiana Bonollo, we curated a collection featuring six complete ensembles and four unique textiles. Explore Edge is an athleisure line designed for fashion-conscious young women aged 16-26, seeking a stylish look both inside and outside the gym.

Palmetto Gates

Crafted on the jacquard weaving machine, Palmetto Gates is a sophisticated weekender tote bag inspired by the architectural elements and wrought iron gates found in Charleston, South Carolina. Meticulously hand-drawn motifs were seamlessly translated into the EAT weaving software and woven on the jacquard loom utilizing a 4-color warp, all executed with 100% cotton. Ask me about this project, it was my favorite!