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Teak + Cedar

Presenting my Senior Thesis Collection, Teak + Cedar, a refined lifestyle brand infused with a newfound sense of optimism. This collection seamlessly integrates mid-century modern design elements into prints and knits suitable for both apparel and home decor. Drawing inspiration from earthiness, sleek lines, organic and geometric forms, and contrasting materials, Teak + Cedar features a color palette influenced by nature and jewel tones. The collection highlights hand-drawn motifs, over 10 digital textile prints, handwoven fabrics, knit Wholegarment® designs, rug tufting, and various techniques acquired during my tenure at NC State.

Zen Oasis

Collaborating with designer Jenna Spahr, came Zen Oasis—a home furnishing textile collection featured at the Fiber to Fabric for Home Furnishings Exhibit at the ITA Showtime Market in 2019. Tailored for individuals with active and spiritual urban lifestyles, Zen Oasis encompasses knit and digitally printed cotton textiles designed for home meditation studios. The collection aspires to create a serene environment with a touch of greenery, providing a peaceful retreat for those who might only have a small space to create their Zen Oasis. 


Derived from the ambiance of a rainy day, this collection is designed to evoke comfort and relaxation. Roman Blinds are digitally printed using a Reactive InkJet Digital Printer, featuring hand-drawn stripes to ensure a soft, organic contrast with the papasan chair's shapes. The incorporation of beige adds luminosity to the room, considering the translucency of lighter colors when the shades are drawn, creating a warm glow even in subdued lighting.


Drawing inspiration from thunderclouds, this lamp was meticulously crafted to blend an original textile with functional design. The aim was to capture the dual essence of lightning—both its violent and tranquil qualities—resulting in the creation of Bolt.